Creditors want to hear from daughter of Rudy Giuliani’s alleged girlfriend over business ties

ATLANTA — The creditors trying to recoup the money owed by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani after filing for bankruptcy, want documents from the daughter of his alleged girlfriend.

A draft subpoena was filed in federal bankruptcy court on Tuesday for Vanessa Ryan, also known as Vanessa Fenderson. Ryan is the Vanessa Ryan is a daughter of Dr. Marie Ryan, who co-hosts a podcast with Giuliani, Newsweek reports.

“In two previous court documents filed in June, the creditor committee has said that Dr. Ryan is Giuliani’s ‘reported girlfriend, Newsweek said.

In a statement from Giuliani’s head of security, Michael Ragusa said: Dr. Maria Ryan is Mayor Giuliani’s business partner and nothing more. Any reports of her being his girlfriend are false rumors made up by the mayor’s enemies to damage his reputation and anyone associated with him.”

According to the draft subpoena, creditors are asking Vanessa Ryan to hand over documentation that shows an alleged business relationship with Giuliani.

Ragusa had this to say about Vanessa Ryan: “She is a part-time secretary who has worked for the company for over five years. These creditors are using the bankruptcy court for political persecution of Mayor Giuliani. His companies have a long-standing reputation of integrity and honesty. The bankruptcy court knows that the mayor’s companies have existed for many years. Mayor Giuliani has been nothing but open and honest with the bankruptcy courts. Any rumors made up by these creditors are just a smear campaign to bully the mayor.”

So far, Giuliani’s creditors have issued at least 28 subpoenas to people tied to the former mayor.


Giuliani filed bankruptcy after a jury awarded Fulton County election workers Ruby Freeman and Shay Moss $148 million after they said he continued to spread lies about them tampering with votes from the 2020 election.

When Giuliani filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in December, he said he had less than $10 million in assets but more than $100 million in debt.

Last month, creditors asked a bankruptcy judge to appoint a trustee to oversee Guiliani’s finances because they claim he is hiding his spending and income from them.

Currently, Giuliani is living off of income that he is making from speaking events, personal services, his podcast, and his line of coffee called “Rudy Coffee.”

As we reported last week, court documents have shown that Giuliani has spent more than $200,000 since filing for bankruptcy about six months ago.

During a hearing in the case Monday, creditors and the judge overseeing the case “aired their Frustrations with him in court on Monday,” after months of trying to get complete information on his finances.”

Creditors are also urging Giuliani to sell his New York and Florida condos “as soon as possible.”

In a court filing last week, the creditors said they “have been asking the debtor (Giuliani) to sell his New York City apartment and Florida condominium for months … The Committee was crystal clear … that the debtor should sell his non-exempt assets, like his Florida condominium, as soon as possible and stop wasting funds and resources on assets that he cannot keep.”

“The debtor’s delay and refusal to sell his multimillion-dollar homes should not be applauded, regardless of how any related upkeep expenses are paid,” the document said.


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