• Woman accused of posing as dentist, arrested 2nd time after raid on home, office


    PAULDING COUNTY, Ga. - Channel 2 Action News was there Thursday morning as authorities searched the Paulding County home of a woman accused of posing as a dentist as well as her Marietta office.

    Just after 6:30 a.m. Thursday, her husband unlocked his truck so that authorities could remove boxes from the vehicle at their Dallas home. Around the same time, her Marietta dental office was cleaned out by investigators.

    Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr was there as deputies removed at least two boxes from Krista Szewczyk’s property. 

    Szewczyk was not home at the time.

    Channel 2 Action News first reported on Szewcyk's 48-count indictment in Paulding last month, including charges of insurance fraud and practicing dentistry without a license.

    Now, she's facing the same trouble in Cobb County, over allegations that she's also been posing as a dentist there for year.


    Szewcyk's daughter, who works with her mother, wouldn't talk with Carr when she was approached outside her mother’s office as investigators left.

    Carr didn't know it at the time, but the raids were sparked after Szewcyk was pulled over for an expired tag at a Marietta QT gas station some time in the last week. 

    Last week, Carr talked to a patient who said he now glues his teeth back in after Szwecyk's procedure. 

    "She used a grinder on my tooth,” the patient said, asking not to be identified. 

    “She acknowledged Channel 2, that we were out here? Carr asked him.

    “Yes, and they locked all the doors. And she told all the patients y'all were out here,” the patient said. 

    “She said she wasn't dealing with it today?” Carr asked the patient.

    “Yes, she said she wasn't dealing with it today. Her husband's in there also," the patient said. 

    He confirmed that she was working and avoiding our cameras. Now we know that work included actual dental procedures just days ago.

    “That was after she'd been arrested,” Carr told the patient. 

    “Right, that was after she was arrested,” the patient said. 

    Szewcyk’s state business records remain intact.

    Carr learned the city of Marietta will take a look at revoking her license that she holds with them. That is expected happen Friday morning.

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