• Former trooper accused in crash that killed 2 teens defends himself during testimony

    By: Lauren Pozen


    CARROLL COUNTY, Ga. - Families of two teens killed in a crash that involved a state trooper have to wait over the weekend to hear if a judge will declare a mistrial.

    It all comes down to dashcam video the prosecution showed during closing arguments.

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    Anthony Scott is accused of crashing into the teens' car nearly four years ago on Highway 27 in Carroll County.

    Kylie Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Chinchilla, 16, died that night in 2015. Ben Finken, 17, and the driver, Dillon Wall, 18, suffered critical injuries.

    Channel 2's Lauren Pozen was in Carrolton on Friday, where a judge wants to review the law before deciding whether to declare a mistrial.

    The defense said the video shown was doctored. The prosecution said they simply added what they say were highlights of the video. 

    There were huge sighs and looks of shock on people’s faces in court when the defense asked for a mistrial.

    Earlier in the day, Scott took the stand and explained his side of what happened on the day of the crash. 


    Prosecutors asked Scott if he was responsible for the teens’ deaths. 

    “I had full control of the vehicle the entire time,” Scott said.

    Scott told the jury the night of the crash he was on his way to meet with another officer who had his radio. 

    He said he was driving fast, although he didn’t remember the exact speed. Scott said Wall pulled out in front of him while he was on Highway 27. 

    “I thought they were probably going to stop in the left lane, so I went to the right lane, but they never stopped, and they kept coming, and I tried to keep going to the left, but I couldn’t,” Scott said.

    After the crash, Scott said he got out of his patrol car and knew right away the teens were in trouble.

    “I noticed the car was filling up with smoke, so I thought it might be on fire. At that time, another officer was there. I told him to help me start getting them out of the car, so I got him out of the car and took him to the side of the road,” Scott said.

    The judge went back in chambers about three times before deciding to recess until Monday. 

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