• 'It's a terrible feeling': Woman talks about alleged sexual assault by ex-Sgt.


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - For the first time, we’re hearing from a woman who said she was assaulted by a now-former police officer. 

    Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne broke the story earlier this month of claims that East Point police Sgt. Richard Gooddine sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl.

    Last week, Gooddine was fired by East Point police. Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Nicole Carr was there as he walked out of police headquarters, holding his termination papers

    Gooddine would only say he was not guilty as she pressed him about the allegations against him. 

    Throughout our investigation, Channel 2 Action News learned of another woman who accused Gooddine of similar allegations years ago.

    That woman -- Amiracle Bullard -- said she had run away from home at age 14 in 2011. She told Winne on Thursday that Gooddine brought her home and offered to her father to mentor her. 

    “Officer Gooddine used to come by my house every day in uniform,” Bullard said. 

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    She said, eventually, he came to her home with a proposition.

    “He was telling me to tell my dad I was going to a female friend’s house and he will have roses spread out on the bed,” Bullard said. 

    And then, she alleged, Gooddine assaulted her.


    “He took his hand and stuck it inside my pants,” Bullard said. “I was sexually assaulted by Richard Gooddine.”

    East Point police Chief Tommy Gardner has confirmed to Channel 2 Action News that Goodine was investigated in 2011 for sexual battery and child molestation.

    The Fulton County District Attorney’s office declined to prosecute the case, saying moving forward would not be in the best interest of the alleged victim.

    Gardner said Gooddine maintained his innocence

    “I was told was he passed a lie detector test,” Bullard told Winne. 

    The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirms Gooddine is under investigation for allegations he molested a juvenile female while on duty in late August of this year.

    Attorney Thomas Reynolds said he represents the 15-year-old victim in the latest case.

    “It’s incredible how similar the stories are,” Reynolds said. “I pray for them both. I know the type of strength they must have to come forward against a police officer.” 

    Bullard said even though she doesn’t know the other alleged victim, this never had to happen. 

    “They could have handled this seven years ago,” Bullard said. ”I just know how she feels because it’s a terrible feeling.”

    “What has given you the strength to get through all this?” Winne asked Bullard.

    “God,” she replied.

    Bullard said a woman from the Fulton County DA’s Office called her Thursday and apologized for how things turned out with in the case in 2011. Bullard said the woman gave her the impression that Gooddine in now on their radar. 

    Last week, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said the alleged victim in the 2011 case was in counseling and making progress. He feared some of the particulars that might have come up during trial could re-traumatize her. 

    He added that these types of cases are of the highest priority in the District Attorney’s Office. 

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