K-9 shot in head last year overcomes major challenges

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — A DeKalb County police dog is adjusting to his new normal after he was shot in the head last year while hunting down a suspect accused of killing a police officer.

K-9 Indi lost his eye, but that hasn’t slowed him from tracking down bad guys.

Channel 2's Lauren Pozen met up with Indi at the DeKalb County Police Department headquarters where she learned about the challenges the K-9 has overcome.

Indi is one of twelve K-9s the police department has. But she’s the only one that has been shot in the head by a suspect.

Even that couldn't stop the hero officer from getting back on the job.

“We are a team,” said officer Norman Larsen. “We come as a team and we leave as a team.”


Larsen and Indi work together. For the past six months, Larsen and Indi have been back tracking drugs and suspects.

Indi was shot on Dec. 13 while chasing Brandon Taylor, who ran during a traffic stop in south DeKalb County.

“He lost half his visibility,” Larsen said. “Came in here, went right through the eye.”

Investigators said before Taylor shot Indi, he shot and killed officer Edgar Flores. Taylor was shot and killed by responding officers.

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Indi was rushed into emergency surgery.

Although he lost his eye, Larsen says Indi didn't lose his drive to work. They started to train to see if Indi could still do his job.

“One of the biggest things we had to test him on was gunfire because he was exposed to that very up and close,” Larsen said.

Larsen said Indi showed no problems.

“His nose got a little stronger, which makes him a better tracker,” Larsen said.

Back on patrol, Larsen said he's glad to his best friend back at his side.

“He is my partner, and a member of our family as well,” Larsen said.