• How officers busted a 24-year-old woman with 3 lbs of cocaine at Atlanta airport

    By: Aaron Diamant


    ATLANTA - Authorities busted a 24-year-old woman trying to smuggle nearly 3 pounds of cocaine into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport earlier this week.

    How’d they catch her?

    Atlanta airport's customs and border protection boss Carey Davis told Channel 2 Action News that a young customs officer acted on a hunch and used his training.

    "It's experience. These guys do this every day," Davis said.

    His hunch proved to be correct, and they seized more than $40,000 worth of the illegal drug.


    "It's about 50 grand worth of cocaine, and that would be turned into a lot more than that once they cut it and sell it on the street and ruin a bunch of lives," Davis said.

    The woman was immediately sent back to Honduras.

    Davis said there has been a lot of other drugs confiscated over the past year.

    "That's what we're here for: to catch it all," Davis said. 

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