• Fannin County School Board unanimously voted to allow armed teachers

    By: Lori Wilson


    FANNIN COUNTY, Ga. - The Fannin County School Board voted unanimously to arm teachers who volunteer to carry Thursday night. 

    Under the new policy, teachers can have guns holstered. Guns in bags or purses are not allowed, Channel 2's Lori Wilson said. Fannin County is north of Atlanta and borders Tennessee.

    The proposal says that employees must be approved by the Board of Education and the Fannin County Sheriff before they’re allowed to carry weapons on school grounds.


    Teachers allowed to participate will receive training on judgment, pistol and long gun shooting at a minimum.

    School officials told Wilson the idea of arming teachers is something that has been on the table since April.

    This proposal, called GAMB, was introduced at the school board meeting about a month ago.

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