Cobb County

Bear cub captured after sightings near Dobbins Air Reserve Base, Truist Park

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — If you thought you saw a bear wandering around Cobb County, you weren’t hallucinating.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources says it trapped a black bear cub near Dobbins Air Reserve Base on July 5.

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The DNR received calls about a black bear in the area around the base. Members of the DNR Urban Wildlife Program decided to set a trap for the bear and it worked.

The wildlife team evaluated the bear and relocated it back into a more “appropriate” natural habitat.

Social media users had also reported a bear sighting near Truist Park, which is about three miles away from Dobbins Air Reserve Base.

Georgia DNR spokeswoman Melissa Cumming said the department wouldn’t rule out the possibility of it being a different bear. But Cumming said the cub captured on July 5 got around the neighborhood quickly.

“We think he was pretty mobile, possibly even crossing over [Interstate] 75,” Cumming said.


What should you do if you see a black bear?

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources and other wildlife organizations worked to create to educate the public on black bears.

If you see bears in your neighborhood, don’t walk up to them because they will defend themselves if you get too close. Be a good neighbor and let others who live by you that they need to be aware.

How do you report a bear sighting in Georgia?

You can contact your local Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division office. You can find office numbers here. There is also an after hours number they can call 800.241.4113.

What can you do to not attract bears?

  • Secure your food, trash and recycling: Food and food odors attract bears so don’t reward them with easily available food or garbage.
  • Remove bird feeders: When it’s an active bear season, you can remove birdseed and any other grains from the feeders.
  • Don’t leave your pet’s food outside: Consider giving your pets portions they can eat in one meal. Secure your pets food so it isn’t available for bears to pick at.
  • Clean and store your grills: Make sure you clean your grill thoroughly and remove the grease and fat.

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