• Channel 2 viewer helps lead police to alleged identity thief

    By: Nefertiti Jaquez


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - College Park police arrested a woman Wednesday accused of identity theft.

    Investigators say Bridgett Fulton, 49, is the same woman we showed you on bank security video two weeks ago cleaning out a customer's bank account.

    Only Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez was there when officers took her to jail.

    Her sources confirmed Fulton has a long criminal history and has been in and out of jail for nearly two decades for committing crimes similar to the one she was arrested for on Wednesday.

    Court records show Fulton currently has warrants out in two counties for stealing people's identities.

    Fulton didn’t want to talk when Jaquez hammered her with questions after police arrested her Wednesday afternoon. 

    “There is nothing you have to say to the people you’ve victimized?” Jaquez asked Fulton. 

    “Girl, get out my face,” Fulton said. 


    Fulton is the same woman Jaquez first reported about earlier this month, when College Park police say surveillance video captured her stealing another woman’s identity and draining the victim’s bank account.

    “I haven’t been robbing anyone’s identity,” Fulton said.

    While she denied any involvement to Jaquez, police said Fulton confessed to them.

    “She didn’t come across as being remorseful at all. She was just like, ‘OK, you got me,’” Sgt. Marcus Dennard with the College Park Police Department said.

    Investigators were able to track Fulton down after a Channel 2 Action News viewer watched our story and called in a tip.

    Once police got her name, they learned Fulton was on probation for a similar crime and had warrants out in Fulton and Clayton counties.

    Jaquez checked into her criminal record and learned that Fulton has a long rap sheet that dates back nearly two decades. 

    “We as a city, we as a department are relieved about the arrest because I think now we are going to bring closure not only to victims in College Park but throughout the metro Atlanta area,” Dennard said. 

    Police said after our first story aired they actually got a numbers of tips tying Fulton to other crimes. 

    They also said Fulton may not be working alone.

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