• GBI: Man pulled out assault rifle moments before deputy shot, killed him

    By: Audrey Washington


    ATLANTA - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation identified a man shot and killed by an off-duty Fulton County deputy in southwest Atlanta.

    The victim is 46-year-old Norris Duffy.

    The shooting happened early Friday morning in the 500 block of Whitehall Street outside the Ivory Restaurant. 

    Duffy's brother exclusively told Channel 2's Audrey Washington there was some sort of altercation inside the lounge shortly after 4 a.m.

    The brother, who asked Channel 2 Action News to not use his name, said he will never get the scene of his brother dying out of his head.

    "I ain't never seen nobody survive no shots like that," the brother said. "My brother dead ... he dead."

    The brother said he spoke with security at the restaurant to help calm down the situation.

    Agents told Washington at some point that Duffy was shocked with a Taser.


    "And the police know me, so I said back up, it's my brother, it's my brother and when I told them, they stopped," the brother said.

    According to the GBI, the man walked outside to his SUV and then brandished an assault rifle.

    "My brother said, 'It ain't over with,' and the police said, 'What ain't over with?'"

    Seconds later, the deputy opened fire.

    "He shot my brother in the back of the head, then shot him six more times," the victim's brother said.

    The man was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. Washington asked the GBI if they could confirm the deputy shot Duffy six times.

    “No officers were hurt during this incident," spokeswoman Nelly Miles said. "Not at this particular point, I can confirm that the off-duty officer fired shots. I can confirm that there are no indications that the subject fired shots."

    The GBI agents are still looking into what led up to the initial altercation inside the restaurant. Agents will continue with its investigation to determine what occurred.” 

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