Thief caught on home security camera before stealing 3 TVs, homeowner says

Thief caught on home security camera before stealing three TVs, homeowner says

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — He was caught on camera for about a second, but it was just long enough to get a still image of a suspect’s face right before he allegedly disabled the home security camera and stole three TVs from an Oakvale Fall's home.

It happened last Wednesday afternoon in broad daylight.

The family that lives in the home is so terrified, they asked not to be identified.

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A woman who lives in the home said she was at work during the burglary.

"I got a notification on my phone saying that my backdoor sensor had been triggered," she said.

The thief was caught on home security video.

"Although he's the only one on the video, he had to have some help," the woman said.


She immediately went out and bought more cameras, including a Ring doorbell that gave her access to a community forum where she noticed other neighbors posting about similar suspicious activity.

Detectives confirmed they're investigating at least three cases in the community, and they're looking into whether the same person is behind all of them.

This homeowner admits she was scared to speak out, but decided was more important to her to spread the word.

“We were severely traumatized. It’s just very difficult to sleep. It’s very difficult to go to work and feel like my house is safe,” she said. "He needs to understand that people work hard and people value the things that they have acquired from their blood, sweat and tears."

The homeowner said that she thinks the suspect may have kicked or hurt her dog because he was whimpering, at first, when she would pet him in certain spots.

If you recognize the person in the home security video, call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.