• Popular Cobb County BBQ restaurant catches fire

    By: Tom Regan


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The owner of an acclaimed barbecue restaurant in Cobb County vows to reopen after a devastating fire. 

    Cody Taylor, chef and co-owner of Heirloom Market BBQ, says he feels lucky despite what happened.

    Taylor says soon after the restaurant closed Friday night, a fire began at the rear of the smokehouse. People in an apartment nearby called 911.

    Cobb firefighters got to the scene quickly and were able to put out the blaze before it spread to the rest of the popular restaurant.

    "They basically contained it to the smokehouse, which has to be completely repaired,” he said. “Everything looks fine from the outside. It's actually the area which no one really sees, which is the smokehouse, but everything else is OK."


    Opened in 2010 by Cody and his wife, the restaurant combines flavors of Texas, the American South and Korea.

    Over the year it's received raves from food critics.

    Taylor says he plan to reopen Wednesday using a trailer barbecue out front.

    “Right now, we're working on a limited menu, featuring fried chicken and other items. Our customers can come and enjoy. And it's almost like a rebuild menu,” Taylor said.

    Firefighters are still unsure what caused the fire.

    Taylor says they were smoking some meat at the time the fire broke out, but it appears the fire began outside the ovens.

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