• Father left with more questions than answers over son's death inside jail

    By: Tom Jones


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - A father is desperate to find out how his son was arrested on a Friday and then found dead in his jail cell three days later.

    Trenton Brinson said his family has asked over and over for the jail to explain how his son, Nicolas Jackson, 30, died.

    Brinson told Channel 2’s Tom Jones that in the nearly three months since, the Clayton County jail has said nothing. He said that's piling more pain on top of pain.

    “You never think your child is going to go before you do,” Brinson told Jones. “My mind is wondering every day what happened to my child. It's on my mind every day. What happened to my child?”

    Jackson was arrested for entering an automobile on Oct. 19 last year. Three days later, Brinson said he got a call that his son was no longer alive.


    “He was found unresponsive in his cell. That's all I know,” Brinson told Jones. 

    Brinson said the jail refuses to give him any information about what happened.

    His daughter, who is listed as Jackson’s next of kin, told Jones that she's in the dark, as well. 

    Jones called Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's spokesperson and emailed him last Friday. He has yet to hear back from him. 

    Brinson said his son had no health issues he knew of and when he talked to him days before he was arrested, he was full of joy.

    He said the sheriff's silence sends the wrong signal.

    “Makes me feel like they are hiding something. Make me feel like they are covering up something and don't want us to know,” Brinson told Jones. 

    Brinson said the Sheriff's Office told him it couldn't say anything because the Georgia Bureau of Investigation was looking into the incident. 

    The GBI told Jones it has no record of an investigation involving a Nicholas Jackson. Brinson said he just wants to know how his son died.

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