• Mandatory drug testing at Atlanta schools? Beware of circulating flyer

    By: Audrey Washington


    ATLANTA - Have you seen a "Mandatory Drug Testing" flyer making the rounds on social media and at public schools across the city of Atlanta?

    The flyer that has an APS header calls for drug testing for all students in ninth and 10th grades, but there's one problem: The flyer is fake.

    Students said the flyer has been posted on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

    The May 15 drug testing listed on the flyer would require the Atlanta Public Schools students to give a urine sample. 

    “No, I think that’s the parent’s responsibility,” parent Sue Hawk said.

    The flyer also states that any student who tests positive for THC, nicotine or alcohol would face disciplinary action.


    Grady High School senior Eekairi Brown said, at first, he was shocked.

    “I don’t think, I mean, APS can’t make anyone take a drug test,” Brown said.

    Channel 2's Audrey Washington spoke with school officials who are working to find out who is behind what they call a hoax.

    A district representative told Washington APS does not have a drug testing policy. The representative also pointed out the gmail email address on the flyer officials call bogus.

    “I don’t know why people do the things they do,” Hawk said.

    The district says if the person responsible for the flyer is a student, he or she could face disciplinary action.

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