Cookie delivery driver stabbed during carjacking attempt

Cookie delivery driver stabbed during carjacking attempt

ATLANTA — For the first time we're hearing from a delivery driver stabbed during carjacking attempt in midtown Atlanta.

Police tell Channel 2's Matt Johnson someone stabbed him in the stomach before running away last week.

"I saw him swinging again so I just stepped back. I thought, 'I can't fight this person because he's got a knife," said the victim, Terri Jones. "Murder was on his mind for sure."

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Jones said he knows he could have been killed the night a stranger with a knife stabbed him while trying to steal his car.

"I just tried to stay away from that knife," Jones said.

He had just made a delivery for Insomnia Cookies near a midtown apartment complex for Georgia Tech students last Monday morning.

It was around 1 a.m. when Atlanta police say the attacker wanted to get inside Jones's delivery car on Spring Street.


"He tried to get in my car. He poked me in the stomach and pushed me to the ground

Jones says the man had a switchblade and tried to drive off in his car but couldn't get far.

"I guess he tried to take off, because the first he did, he put it in drive and stepped on the gas, but it wouldn't go nowhere because the emergency brakes came on," Jones said.

Jones said he ran after the car when it came to a stop and that's when the attacker ran away.

"Last time I attacked him, he took off running like that, like he was a crazy person," Jones said.

Atlanta police say investigators are still following leads to try and track down the suspect.

Jones spent two days in a hospital but says he's fine now, and thankful his injuries weren't worse.

"I feel like he was trying to kill somebody that night," Jones said.

Jones said he took things lightly at first and underestimated how violent this stranger would get. He describes the man as a heavy-set, clean-shaven man who acted like he was on drugs, wearing a green shirt.