• Cartersville proud of hometown player Trevor Lawrence leading Clemson to title


    BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. - The star of Monday night's College Football Playoff National Championship was throwing touchdown passes in metro Atlanta long before he led Clemson to the title.

    Channel 2's Berndt Petersen traveled to Bartow County where Cartersville High School and the town are celebrating hometown hero Trevor Lawrence. 

    Lawrence threw for 347 yards and three touchdowns in Clemson's 44-16 win over Alabama. He is the first true freshman to start and win a national championship since 1985. 

    To those who know the quarterback, Lawrence's success on college football's biggest stage did not come as a surprise. Lawrence helped the Hurricanes win back-to-back state titles straight state titles.

    "I stayed up and watched the whole game. I wanted to watch my boy do what he does. I knew he'd get the job done," former teammate Isaiah Chaney told Petersen. 

    Assistant coach Tim Graves has seen a lot of players in his time, but few like No. 16. 

    "Six-foot-6 guy with long hair. He stands out everywhere he goes," Graves said. 


    Cartersville principal Shelley Tierce said the school is proud of Lawrence's accomplishments on the field and in the community.

    "Probably one of the most respectful kids I've ever been around.  And so humble to be in the position he was in," Tierce told Petersen. 

    While his friends say he lives up to the hype, they say stardom won't change him.

    "The best kind of guy there is. He loves God, his family, and his friends.  And he'll let everybody know about it," said former teammate Carson Murray.

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