Woman says she paid $7K toward tummy tuck, butt lift ... but it never happened

Channel 2's Nicole Carr reports.

UNION CITY, Ga. — Tiffany Nixon is getting ready for a book tour and getting used to her body after giving birth to twins.

She opted for a tummy tuck and Brazilian butt lift from a Union City cosmetic surgery center, but never had the surgery. Now she joins other former patients and medical professionals in saying the facility owes them thousands, as they’ve taken the center’s owner to small claims court.

“The people were friendly in the beginning, but at the end everything changed when I wanted my money back,” Nixon said. “Everything just flipped once I asked for my money back.”

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Nixon spoke with Channel 2 investigative reporter Nicole Carr from her Nashville, Tennessee, home.

In February, she traveled to Atlanta, which she notes as a second home, to put a deposit on the services at Celebrity Body Sculpting off Jonesboro Road.

Nixon says she received a biopsy on a stomach mass to clear her for the surgery, but the surgery center never actually scheduled the procedure with the facility’s licensed physician.

“She said ‘I still don’t know when she’s coming back. I don’t have another doctor. It could be two or three weeks down the line,” Nixon said, recalling a conversation with staff member last month. “I’m like, ‘no, no,no… I can’t wait that long. I’ve been waiting since February can you just go ahead a refund me my money?"


She’d already paid $7,500 and said she was told by a staff member early on that if she didn’t go through with the surgery, she could get a refund in three days.

Three days turned into 30 days and then into a 60-day promise. Nixon said she try to get contact information for the business owner.

“I called yesterday, and the lady said, ‘Well, he’s aware you want your money back,’” Nixon said. “I’m, like, ‘OK, can he call me or email me or something?' And she, like, didn’t say anything.”

In February, Carr reported on two former patients who took the owner, John Holmes, to court for similar scenarios.

One case was settled last month. Despite Holmes’s claims that he did not owe the patient, a Fulton County Magistrate Court judge ordered the $6,000 refund to a woman who never received a Brazilian butt lift.

An anesthesiologist and medical waste company have also filed recent claims against Holmes for unpaid services. Those cases are still pending.

Carr called Holmes and left a message on Wednesday afternoon, but he did not return the call. His attorney said he was unaware of Nixon’s new complaint, and would look into the matter.

Holmes is due in court twice over the next month for the medical professionals’ claims. Nixon is taking the same route, but said she is concerned about how the process will work out for her.

“(I’m) worried about if I can get my money back … if he’s going to show up to court, (and) how long it’s going to take,” she said.