Video shows moment GSU officer opened fire on man who police say attacked her

ATLANTA — New video has been shared with Channel 2 Action News from inside the crowded Greyhound station, where an officer shot a man in the shoulder on Monday.

Investigators told Channel 2 Action News a female Georgia State University officer, who was not in uniform at the time and was working off duty as a security guard, approached a man identified as William Davis, 38. Davis appeared to be harassing patrons at the bus station on Forsyth Street. The officer said she tried several methods before she was forced to fire her weapon after he attacked her.

"He was running around here taking off his clothes. He was really kinda scaring a bunch of people. This was before he even went in, and once he went in, he continued to be a problem even with the security," said witness Sterling Hill Bey.


Savanna Delamotte captured video of the incident as she was waiting to catch a bus.

"There were people standing behind. That’s the one thing that scared me the most. What would have happened if you didn’t get his shoulder? What would have happened if you missed?" asked Delamotte.

Witnesses said Davis started fighting paramedics who came to help him after he was shot. It took several officers to get him into an ambulance.

"They tried helping him and get him on the stretcher. Then he starts swinging on them and tried to get up and run," said Delamotte.

He was later transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has been requested to investigate the incident.

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