Uber eats driver arrested, charged with sexually assaulting special needs man inside restaurant

While relieved, the victim??€™s father is still heartbroken and angry.

ATLANTA — Police say they've caught an Uber Eats driver who sexually assaulted a mentally disabled man.

Channel 2's Nefertiti Jaquez first broke this story three weeks ago when Channel 2 Action News learned about the airport arrest that brought the suspect to justice.

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The victim's father says his 21-year-old son has autism and has the mental capacity of a 14-year-old. He asked us not to reveal his identity for this report.

While relieved, the victim’s father is still heartbroken and angry.

“I don’t understand why. You’re an older guy. You’re old enough to know right from wrong. And for you to do that to a kid," he said.


Atlanta police say Todd Barron, 54, attacked the victim in a bathroom while he was working at the downtown Mexican restaurant.

“No Mas Cantina was helpful in providing us video footage and everything and from there we were able to determine who the suspect was,” Lt. Andrea Webster with the Atlanta Police Department told Jaquez.

They were able to quickly identity Barron because on the morning of March 25, the Uber Eats driver was at the restaurant to pick up a delivery order.

Detectives say the suspect fled to California for three weeks before returning to the metro area.

They tracked him down when they realized he booked a flight back into Atlanta. They arrested him last week at the airport.

We reached out to Uber and they released this statement:

"What's been described is extremely disturbing and we are appalled. The delivery partner does not have access to the app and we stand ready to work with police on their investigation."

They also noted Barron had only been driving for the company since November.

Barron has been charged with aggravated sodomy and exploitation of a disabled adult.