Seafood restaurant fails health inspection with score of 56

Doos Seafood and Deli got a failing score of 56

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — UPDATE: The restaurant received an 89 upon reinspection.


A DeKalb County seafood restaurant has failed a health inspection after getting a dozen violations.

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Doo’s Seafood on South Hairston Road in Stone Mountain was cited for having dated food, among other violations.

The restaurant received a 56 on a health inspection April Wednesday.

Violations included several workers touching their face, hair and caps and then not washing their hands before they put on gloves and prepared food.

They were also cited for raw chicken being stored above raw fish and a worker in the kitchen preparing food without a hair restraint.


The inspector described the outside of the microwave, toaster oven and coolers as dirty, and told management they must clean them.

When Channel 2 Action News went to Doo's Seafood, the owner did not want to talk on camera about the violations.

Boiled seafood specials and many more seafood items attract regulars like Thaddeus Brookin to Doo’s Seafood.

He said he finds their dishes to be very good and said he didn’t know it had failed because they still had their previous score of 87 posted.

We’ll keep you updated on how they do on the re-inspection.