• School custodian accused of using cellphone to record girls changing in locker room

    By: Matt Johnson


    OCONEE COUNTY, Ga. - A high school custodian accused of spying on female students is off the job. 

    Investigators said Timothy Burnette used a cellphone to record girls changing in the locker room at Oconee County High School. 

    Deputies said a girl found a cellphone inside of a locker that was on and recording Wednesday at around 4:45 p.m.

    Timothy Burnette

    Burnette was charged with one count of unlawful eavesdropping or surveillance.

    “The fear is that there are videos of these girls changing clothes in the locker room and these videos have been transmitted,” said Oconee County Chief Deputy Lee Weems. 

    Weems said he's waiting on a search warrant to determine exactly what is on the phone and who he may have shared videos with.

    “Everything is being done to determine whether or not anything was transmitted and if it was, we try to contain that and we will prosecute if we can identify who was involved,” Weems said.  


    Authorities said Burnette had no significant criminal history before his arrest.

    Channel 2 Action News obtained a copy of the letter the principal sent home to parents Thursday about the incident and that Burnette was fired.

    Angela Pope has a granddaughter at the campus and said there are steps she'd like to see the school take.

    “I certainly think that inspections of locker rooms to make sure there are no hidden cameras should be done on a regular basis,” Pope said.

    The school said it contacted the parents of any affected students.

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