• Robber believed to be targeting drivers of luxury cars for their jewelry, police say

    By: Matt Johnson


    ATLANTA - The same suspect who committed a robbery in February may have recently robbed two other people in their luxury cars. 

    In each case, the pattern is almost identical, ending with jewelry in the hands of a thief.

    Channel 2's Matt Johnson spoke with a man Friday who said the driver of a blue Sukuzi motorcycle lightly ran into his car in Dunwoody and then fired a shot into the air before robbing him when they pulled over to check out the damage. 

    "He said, 'Give me your watch or I'll kill you,'" the man, who did not want to be identified, said.

    In February, video of a man on a blue Suzuki motorcycle following a woman in a Bentley through Buckhead was released.

    Police said he pulled up next to her at a stoplight on West Paces Ferry Road to say her tires were flat, then snatched her Rolex watch from her wrist.

    It's similar to what happened to the man Johnson spoke with, down to the type of motorcycle, helmet and what the robber was after: a Rolex watch.


    "This guy saw that I was wearing a Rolex because he was that close to me," the man said.

    He said the robber was tailing his Mercedes for a while until he ran into the victim's side mirror two weeks ago. It happened at Tilly Mill Road and Peeler Road.

    The latest case happened Thursday afternoon as a woman got out of her car and tried to get to her salon on Piedmont Road.

    Similar to the other cases, police said the robber snatched a ring from her and took off.

    "He needs to be taken off the road before he gets more brazen, actually, and hurts someone, kills someone," the man said.

    There are some glaring similarities, but Johnson checked with Dunwoody police and Atlanta police, and they're not ready to say all three cases are related.

    Because the robber kept his helmet on, there's no solid description of his face.

    On Tuesday, another person contacted Johnson, saying he believes the same person went after him.

    Bruce Patterson said a man on a blue motorcycle followed him for miles before pointing a gun at him. The robber demanded his Rolex, but Patterson had a gun of his own.

    "I grabbed my 38(-caliber) pistol again and I put it in his chest and I said, 'Is this what you really want to do today?' Patterson said.

    The blue bike matches the one seen in surveillance video from a separate robbery in Buckhead.

    Police said the man on the motorcycle followed Patterson from Pharr Road in Buckhead to the Hudson Grille in Brookhaven on Sept.11.

    "He followed me for a long period of time. He stalked me for a while," Patterson said.

    Patterson said he confronted the man at a gas station along the way and figured that he had lost him, until he pulled into the restaurant.

    "(He) stops his motorcycle right here and I say, 'What's wrong with you, dude?' and he reaches in his leather coat pulls out a black Smith and Wesson .38 (-caliber pistol)," Patterson said.

    But Patterson said he grabbed his own revolver and the suspect drove off before he called 911.

    "My gun was in his chest and he said, 'No, I don't want any trouble,'" Patterson said.

    Patterson said knowing about the other cases changes how he would have used his gun.

    "Now, I think about pulling the trigger and I almost wish I would have," Patterson said.

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