R. Kelly responds to 'Surviving R. Kelly' docu-series through lawyer

ATLANTA — For the first time, singer R. Kelly, whose real name is Robert Kelly, is responding, through his lawyer, to the docu-series "Surviving R. Kelly," which accuses him of holding young women against their will.

"Has your client seen (the documentary)?" ABC’s Linsey Davis asked Attorney Steve Greenberg.

"He's not gonna watch that," Greenberg said.

"How can you both say unequivocally that what is said in the documentary isn't true if you haven't seen it?" Davis asked.

"I've seen snippets, and we know what happened. We know those things didn't happen," Greenberg said.

Attorneys for the Savages, a local family who said Kelly is holding their daughter, responded saying the singer should allow them to see her.


The law office of Gerald Griggs responded to Greenberg with the following statement:

“It should be respectfully stated that we requested two of R. Kelly’s previous managers and two of R. Kelly’s previous attorneys for the Savage family to see Joycelyn. This is the third attorney that we have pleaded with to allow the Savages to see Joycelyn. Why does it have to take two years and three attorneys to gain this inch? If you want to show that this is a consensual relationship, allow Joycelyn to see her parents. That will remove all doubt about whether the relationship is consensual or not. Our goal has always been to reunite this family. This is not a difficult request.” 

Davis sits down for a one-on-one interview with Greenberg.

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