• Police in 3 counties looking for crew targeting pharmacies for powerful painkillers

    By: Mike Petchenik


    JOHNS CREEK, Ga. - Johns Creek police are looking for burglars who stole powerful painkillers from a pharmacy and they believe the same crew has hit stores in at least three counties.

    Min Oh told Channel 2’s Mike Petchenik the thieves hit his pharmacy on Medlock Bridge Road twice in about a week late last month and earlier this month.

    “When you got here what did you find?” Petchenik asked.

    “Umm, disaster,” said Oh.

    Surveillance video police gave Petchenik shows the suspects pry open the door with a crowbar and then wheel out a large safe from the office.

    “Those are all the opioid medications in the safe,” said Oh.

    Police told Petchenik the suspects loaded the safe into a stolen SUV and took off.


    “I would say this is a business for these individuals and I would say these pills are being sold on the street,” said Lt. Todd Hood.

    Hood told Petchenik investigators believe the same crew hit stores in Duluth, Gwinnett County and Cobb County.

    “Opioid addiction is a serious problem anyway, and with these pills being sold on the street, people that are not doctors or pharmacists, the concern is they get in the wrong hands,” he said.

    Oh told Petchenik that pressure for doctors not to prescribe the powerful painkillers is forcing dealers to go right to the source.

    “I’m pretty sure for them it’s harder to get those medications from other sources so now they are targeting the pharmacy,” he said.

    He’s now warning other small pharmacies to beware.

    “If you have a safe, make sure you drill it down to the ground so they can’t pick up by the manpower,” he said.  “Hopefully they can be identified and then the police can catch them as soon as possible.”

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