Newton County

Video shows school officer slam girl into wall while breaking up fight

NEWTON COUNTY, Ga. — A mother said a school resource officer went too far during an altercation involving her 15-year-old daughter.

Alma Grandy told Channel 2's Tom Jones video a student posted to Instagram shows a Newton High School resource officer slamming her daughter, Mikkia Grandy, up against a wall and choking her while breaking up a fight on Aug. 14.

"It hurts when you see your child roughed up like that," Alma Grandy said.

Alma Grandy said the deputy put his elbow over her daughter's neck while she was on the ground.

"Then he picked me up and slammed me to the wall," Mikkia Grandy said.

Mikkia Grandy ​​​​​told Channel 2 Action News she did get into a fight with another student in the cafeteria before the deputy arrived to break it up -- but she said the man went overboard.

The teen said the deputy placed his hands on or around her neck, choking her.

"That's not how you supposed to break a fight up. If anything, he should have like picked me up and said, 'Just stop fighting,'" Mikkia Grandy said.


The teen's mother said the level of force the resource officer used was unreasonable.

"First of all, he shouldn't have put his hands on her, and he had no right to throw her against the wall like that," she said.

Alma Grandy said she wants the deputy to face charges.

Jones went to the board of education. A spokesperson said the Sheriff's Office is looking into the matter.

The Sheriff's Office said the deputy has been reassigned to the patrol division pending an investigation.

Mikkia Grandy said she never struck the deputy.

“I'm little. I'm only like a certain 128. He's like a big man compared to me,” she said.

Her mother said it was the deputy's job to de-escalate the incident.

“I send my daughter to school to be safe, not to be hurt like that, especially from somebody from the school,” the mother said.

Mikkia Grandy said doctors told her she has inflammation in her back and shoulder area.

She and the other student involved in the fight face charges of disorderly conduct and disrupting the operation of a public school.