‘I literally just broke down.’ Savannah Chrisley describes ‘rough night’ ahead of appeals hearing

ATLANTA — Ahead of last week’s appeals hearing here in Atlanta, Savannah Chrisley says she had a breakdown over everything that’s going on in her life.

On Friday, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments from Todd and Julie Chrisley’s attorney about why they feel their case should be overturned.

In the latest episode of her podcast, Savannah Chrisley said she came to Atlanta the night before, and “It was such a rough night.”

[PHOTOS: Savannah Chrisley, family members appear at Appeals Court in downtown Atlanta]

“Some things had happened, some drama had occurred and on top of everything else that I’m dealing with, and then this trial and this hearing, it was so much for me to deal with. I literally just broke down,” she said.

Savannah said for the first time in a while, she broke down in tears, People Magazine reports.

“I think I broke down one other time like this since mom and dad left 15 months ago, and it was so tough for me,” she said. “There was just some PTSD and some triggers that occurred that really just sent me into a tailspin and I just broke down. I was sitting on the bathroom floor, hysterically in tears with (friend) Aaron, with (hairstylist) Tyler, and with (boyfriend) Robert (Shiver).”

Despite the breakdown, Savannah said it needed to happen.

“I know my body needed it and I have to get better at listening to my body and what my body needs because it’s OK to break down. It’s OK to cry. It’s OK to feel all the emotions but for so long, I have tried to convince myself like I’m stronger than my emotions. I’m stronger than what I’ve been through.”


A jury convicted the reality TV couple from the show “Chrisley Knows Best” two years ago on fraud, tax evasion and obstruction charges

Todd is serving 12 years in prison. Julie, 7. Their accountant also received 3 years.

The Chrisleys are appealing, alleging federal prosecutors made serious errors during the trial

Their attorney argued prosecutors knowingly allowed an IRS officer to give false testimony.

“We’re asking the District Court to get the case back to be able to resolve those questions,” attorney Alex Little told Channel 2′s Tom Jones following Friday’s hearing.

Prosecutors said when the officer testified, neither side had evidence the Chrisleys paid some of their delinquent taxes.

The Chrisleys hope the appeals court gives the go-ahead for an evidentiary hearing.

Which they hope will lead to a new trial, or the Chrisleys coming home.

“I hope and pray that my parents come home this year,” Savannah told Jones on Friday. “They’re feeling hopeful. They’re prayerful that the judges just see truly what’s going on in the record.”

Following the hearing on Friday, Savannah took time to take photos with fans and supporters outside the courthouse, before heading back to Nashville.


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