Savannah Chrisley says parents are ‘hopeful, prayerful’ as court takes up fraud conviction appeal

ATLANTA — Attorneys for reality stars Todd and Julie Chrisley asked a panel of judges to overturn their convictions.

The Chrisleys say prosecutors made errors during their 2022 trial that made them look guilty.

Prosecutors said if there were errors, there was other evidence that pointed to their guilt.

[PHOTOS: Savannah Chrisley, family members appear at Appeals Court in downtown Atlanta]

Savannah Chrisley told Channel 2′s Tom Jones on Friday that her parents don’t belong in prison, and she hopes the court here agrees.

“I hope and pray that my parents come home this year,” Savannah Chrisley said.

She said her parents hope an 11th Circuit Court of Appeals court hearing is the first step in their quest for freedom.

“They tuned in today they watched the whole hearing and they’re feeling hopeful. They’re prayerful that the judges just see truly what’s going on in the record,” Savannah Chrisley said.


A jury convicted the reality TV couple from the show “Chrisley Knows Best” two years ago on fraud, tax evasion and obstruction charges

Todd is serving 12 years in prison. Julie, 7. Their accountant also received 3 years.

The Chrisleys are appealing, alleging federal prosecutors made serious errors during the trial

Their attorney argued prosecutors knowingly allowed an IRS officer to give false testimony.

“We’re asking the District Court to get the case back to be able to resolve those questions,” attorney Alex Little said.

Prosecutors said when the officer testified, neither side had evidence the Chrisleys paid some of their delinquent taxes.

Savannah Chrisley hopes the judges see her parents shouldn’t be in prison.

“When they go and look at the record, they’re going to see that frankly what the government said was not true,” she said.

After court, Savannah Chrisley was mobbed by adoring fans.

“I started watching their reality TV show in a very rough time in my life and they got me through it,” Atlanta fan Misty Douglas said

Savannah Chrisley said the show of support says a lot about her parents.

“It goes to show that these people are loved. They’re contributing members of society,” she said.

The Chrisleys hope the appeals court gives the go-ahead for an evidentiary hearing.

Which they hope will lead to a new trial, or the Chrisleys coming home.

The Chrisleys’ attorney says it could take up to a year before the appeals court makes a decision.