Fans flock to Atlanta courthouse to support Savannah Chrisley as parents’ appeal gets underway

ATLANTA — As reality TV star Savannah Chrisley and her family members entered and left an Atlanta courthouse on Friday, they were greeted by adoring fans showing their support for them and Savannah’s famous parents – Todd and Julie Chrisley.

Todd and Julie Chrisley asked a panel of judges to overturn their convictions. The Chrisleys say prosecutors made errors during their 2022 trial that made them look guilty.

Prosecutors said if there were errors, there was other evidence that pointed to their guilt.

Todd is serving 12 years in prison. Julie, 7. Their accountant also received 3 years.

[PHOTOS: Savannah Chrisley, family members appear at Appeals Court in downtown Atlanta]

Savannah Chrisley has been the family’s biggest advocate to get her parents out of jail.

For months on her podcast, the young Chrisley has talked about what she calls deplorable conditions that her parents have been living in since reporting to separate federal prisons.

“I’m just fearful for the conditions that my parents are under,” she told Channel 2′s Tom Jones outside the courthouse Friday.

“But you can’t say what specifically are their complaints that they’ve experienced?” Jones asked Chrisley.


“Not today,” Chrisley family attorney Alex Little said.

“That will come out at a later date,” Chrisley told Jones.

After speaking to the media, Chrisley took time to greet and take photos with a large group of fans waiting outside the courtroom.

Earlier in the week, she posted on social media asking people to come out and support her parents in court.

Vickie Vick and her daughter drove over eight hours from Florida to come to show their support.

“Why was it so important to be here,” Jones asked Vick.

“Just to be here with them. It’s sad,” she said.

Misty Douglas of Atlanta said their show “Chrisley Knows Best” helped get her through a dark time in her life and she wanted to return the favor.

“I started watching their reality TV show in a very rough time in my life and they got me through it,” Douglas said.

The judge did not make any decisions on Friday. The Chrisleys are hoping for an evidentiary hearing to prove their claims.