Lil Durk suggests he's innocent in exclusive interview: 'I have nothing to hide'

ATLANTA — Famous rapper Lil Durk turned himself in to Atlanta police Thursday night on charges connected to a shooting that happened earlier this year outside The Varsity.

Before he surrendered, Lil Durk -- whose name is Durk Derrick Banks -- talked exclusively with Channel 2 Investigative Reporter Mark Winne.

"I have nothing to hide," Banks said. "I have nothing to run from."

Banks said he canceled his tour and immediately flew to Atlanta when he found out he was wanted by Atlanta police.

"We found out we had a warrant actually while on tour," Banks said. "Once I heard, I immediately came back."


Banks is facing several charges, including criminal attempt to commit murder and aggravated assault.

When Winne asked if he shot the victim, Banks said, "Ugh, no."

Banks indicated that his lawyer instructed him not to discuss specific facts about the case.

He said he was drawn to gang life as a kid, but that's not who he is today.

"I had a rough past, but by my moving to Atlanta, I just thought that changed my whole identity and my thinking," Banks said.

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