• Thief ransacks home and helps himself to sandwich, homeowners say

    By: Matt Johnson


    HENRY COUNTY, Ga. - A Henry County family says a man seen in their home surveillance video not only broke into their house, but he also helped himself to a sandwich after ransacking their home.

    The man was one of two thieves caught on video breaking into homes on the same street over the past couple of weeks.

    Video shows a man in a bright blue shirt putting gloves on as he prepares to break into a family's home while they were away.

    The husband and wife, who asked not to be identified, told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson that the thief left their home ransacked.


    “He might have been here when I drove up and went out the front door because the front door was locked when I left but it was open unlocked when I got back,” one of the homeowners said. 

    They say he left with a little bit of money after breaking into their home on Flat Rock Road in Stockbridge last Tuesday morning.

    But the couple says the thief made himself a sandwich while helping himself to their belongings.

    Six days earlier, video captured a person checking out the front door of a home also on Flat Rock Road.

    He puts his hoodie on before picking up a lawnmower and running away with it.

    Two thefts in two weeks have the neighbors off Highway 138 a little confused.

    “It’s not a high crime area,” the husband said.

    “We all know everybody,” the wife said.

    Henry County police are investigating but no word yet about whether the thieves from either case have been identified.

    Some neighbors Johnson talked to said they're adding cameras as they hope their street won't become a target again.

    “The thieves feel pretty comfortable,” the husband said. 

    The suspects were last seen leaving the scene without a car. Anyone with information is urged to call Henry County police at 770-288-8200.

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