Gwinnett County

6 detained, multiple cars hit by bullets during rolling gunfight down busy road

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — Six people are in custody after a rolling gunfight down a busy Gwinnettt County Road.

Channel 2's Tony Thomas is in Lilburn, where police said there are four separate scenes, all near shopping centers. One was littered with bullet casings. Police said they don't believe anyone was hurt.

NewsChopper 2 was over the scene off Indian Trail Road, where multiple law enforcement agencies responded after 911 callers said two cars were driving down the street firing at each other.

At least one car on the scene had bullet holes in the windows, and Thomas spoke with another man who said his car was hit as he drove down the road.

Rob Hall said the two cars flew past him on Burns Road going at least 70 mph. He said it took a few seconds to realize he was in the middle of a gun fight. A bullet hit his SUV but he wasn't hurt.

"My Dodge took a .45 to the front of the hood," Rob Hall told Thomas. "You felt it. Paint chips hit the truck in front of me and everything."


Police are not sure exactly who was involved, but have taken the six people in for questioning.

Officers found one of the cars witnesses said was involved abandoned in a yard just down Burns Road with one of its driver side windows shot out.

Thomas learned that one person tried to get away from police by taking an Uber. That Uber driver told Thomas that she had police swarming her car seemingly out of the blue.

"When he got in my car, he asked me to drive around the back and pick someone up, and I thought that was odd," she said. "And when I was turning around, the cops surrounded my car."

That man was also taken into custody.

A few blocks away on Dickens Road, police searched another car. Thomas spotted three people detained there.

Investigators said they aren't sure what prompted the shootout, but so far, they haven't found anyone that was hit.

Hall said it was a close call.

"I just bought a lottery ticket, but I think I might have just used all my luck!" Hall said.

So far, no charges have been filed. Police said they are being told conflicting stories from the people they are talking to.