• Group of women caught on camera stealing gold rosary from shop

    By: Justin Wilfon


    LILBURN, Ga. - The search is on for a group of women who were caught on camera distracting a shop owner to steal expensive jewelry.

    It could be considered a terrible sin, as the women were seen on store surveillance cameras stealing a gold rosary from the Five Forks Antiques shop in Lilburn.

    “A piece of Christianity was stolen," store owner Tom McDonald told Channel 2’s Justin Wilfon.

    McDonald showed Wilfon the video that shows one of the women stealing the 14-karat gold rosary from a display case while one of the other women distracts McDonald by asking to try something on. 

    “There were some bells and whistles going off that I knew there was something not right with the situation,” McDonald said.


    Once he realized the rosary, worth at least a $1,000, was missing from the case, he chased after the women in the parking lot and snapped this picture of their getaway vehicle.

    The car they drove off in was a gold Honda Odyssey with a Texas plate of HZW6302.

    McDonalds told Wilfon that this type of crime is becoming all too common. Several months ago, he said an even larger group of women tried to steal the same piece of jewelry.

    “There’s usually at least two people involved. One’s the lookout and the other is actually taking the goods,” McDonald said.

    The incident is also similar to another case in Woodstock last week, when three women, one of them carrying a toddler, were caught on video stealing $10,000 worth of rings from a store there.

    While it does not appear the cases are connected, McDonald hopes all the sinful shoppers will soon give police their confessions.

    “It’s not pleasant because it’s part of your hard work and your income,” McDonald said.

    Wilfon contacted police in both cases and the departments are still searching for all of the women involved.

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