• 12-year-old hit by van, seriously injured in Gwinnett

    By: Tony Thomas


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A driver could face charges after she hit a child crossing a busy street this morning in Gwinnett County.

    Police said doctors expect the boy to recover.

    Witnesses said the 12-year-old hit a button for the crosswalk at South Norcross Tucker Road. Police confirmed that the lights started flashing and he started to cross, but he was struck by a passing van.

    Channel 2's Tony Thomas broke the news on Twitter.

    His family told Thomas he has bleeding in his head and doesn’t remember what happened.

    “He said the lady was on the phone and she didn't see the child cross the road,” a witness said.


    Gwinnett County police have yet to confirm the driver was on her phone. She remained at the scene and spoke with investigators.

    “I saw the kid try to wake up but he couldn't,” said witness Tony Balbuena.

    Police said the child was seriously hurt but will survive. 

    “It's important at that all drivers be aware of their surroundings, especially when we get into these heavily-trafficked areas,” said Gwinnett Cpl. Michele Pihera. 

    For Jose Aguilar and others, it’s a striking reminder of how quickly things can change right before your yes.

    “He say all the time the child came to the store and buy some candies every morning before school,” Aguilar said. 

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