• Sheriff: Man busted trying to flush meth down toilet during raid


    FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. - The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office made a drug bust earlier this month that led to two arrests.

    According to a Facebook post on the Sheriff's Office;s official page, detectives went to a home in North Forsyth County to execute a search warrant on May 14. When they entered the home, they heard the toilet being flushed multiple times.

    When detectives went to the bathroom, they found 38-year-old Kevin Oliver, who they had already secured an arrest warrant for on charges of selling methamphetamine. 

    After they arrested Oliver, detectives called a local septic tank company to help them. The company took the lid off the septic tank and found “a good quantity of suspected methamphetamine” in a sealed plastic bag at the entrance of where the pipe from the house feeds into the tank.


    Oliver was charged with selling and possessing methamphetamine, as well as tampering with evidence.

    Melissa Sizemore, 39, was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug related objects.

    The Sheriff’s Office ended the post with several hashtags about the arrests, including #WeAreNotMethingAround, #dumpthedope and #ohcrap.

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