Doctor accused in illegal prescription drug ring arrested several times before

Investigators say nearly 2,500 prescriptions were written.

FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has obtained dash camera video of a metro Atlanta psychiatrist's arrest in 2016. Since 2015, Dr. Ginari Price has been arrested three times, leading up to a recent raid on her Fayetteville office, Psycare LLC Clinic, in January.

Drug Enforcement Administration diversion program manager Mike Hargroder said the district attorney's office called in the DEA after it learned Ginari Price, her husband, Michael Price, and two others were suspected of conspiring to issue prescriptions under her name while she sat in jail.

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Saul Alter, Fayette County district attorney's investigator, said nearly 2,500 prescriptions were written from October to January.

"(Some of the drugs included) hydrocodone drugs, oxycodone drugs. These are the most dangerous drugs that are abused in our streets today in Atlanta," Hargroder said. "They were presigned prescriptions."


Channel 2's Mark Winne did some digging into the doctor's past.

In 2015, Ginari Price was arrested in Fulton County, charged with two counts of DUI, obstruction of an officer, endangerment of a child and more.

In 2016, she was arrested in Fayette County, charged with 12 counts, including fleeing or attempting to elude, DUI and public indecency.

"I hope police officers get shot in the head," the doctor was heard saying in dash camera video.

In 2017, she was arrested in Douglas County, charged with seven counts, including possession of marijuana, driving while license suspended or revoked and controlled substances allegations.

Lawyer Matt Kilgo said Ginari Price pleaded guilty in the 2016 Fayette County case.

"Accepting responsibility was the right thing to do, and that was Dr. Price’s decision in conjunction with her attorney," Kilgo said.

She pleaded not guilty in the Fulton and Douglas cases.

"We are actively fighting all the cases -- and we expect good resolutions in all those cases," Kilgo said.

Kilgo said the Prices maintain their innocence in the prescription allegations. He said he believes the doctor will keep her medical license.

Hargroder said many of the doctors DEA investigates have personal troubles leading up to illegal prescriptions.

Hargroder said some physicians fuel the problem of oxycodone, hydrocodone products, causing burglaries, thefts and "basically terrorizing other communities throughout our metro area."

Kilgo said famed attorney Ed Garland is leading the Prices' legal team.