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Joycelyn Savage's family says audio tapes prove she was brainwashed by R. Kelly

DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. — Family members of a local woman they say is being brainwashed and held against her will by R. Kelly spoke out Monday in a plea to meet with their daughter.

Joycelyn Savage, 23, has not seen her parents in years. She claims she is with R. Kelly by choice, but they refuse to believe that.

On Monday, the woman's mother, Jonjelyn Savage, along with the family's attorney, Gerald Griggs, said they are desperate to meet with their daughter this week without R. Kelly present.


During a recent television interview Joycelyn Savage said she is with R. Kelly on her own volition.

Her parents, however, do not believe that. They believe she was coached by Kelly to say that.

They believe she is brainwashed and being held against her true will.

Channel 2's Sophia Choi spoke to the Savage family Monday, who gave her two audio clips, recorded about two years ago.

They said the tapes are proof that Kelly is manipulating their daughter.

In one clip recorded about two years ago, you can hear Joycelyn admit, she lied to her parents about her relationship with Kelly.

"I lied about me and you having sex and I lied to my parents about me and you having nothing going on," the transcript states.

In another clip, you hear Joycelyn talking about her fears of getting a sexually transmitted disease from the singer and about music.

Monday, her mother’s attorney asked Kelly to let her see her daughter in person without Kelly present, as promised to her on Wednesday.

“Since Wednesday, day after day after day have passed. Public statements have been made by Mr. Kelly and members of Mr. Kelly’s team, but yet, no one has called.

“If we have the opportunity to see you one on one, without Mr. Kelly’s team present, we get can get to the bottom core of the issue at hand, so you can know that you’re being manipulated,” Jonjelyn Savage said.

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“If there are no problems and she is in a consensual loving relationship with Mr. Robert Sylvester Kelly, she could easily speak to her two younger sisters, her grandmother, her aunts, her uncles, her immediate family,” Griggs said Thursday.

Last week, Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach spoke with Joycelyn's mom, dad and two younger sisters.

They said they have not seen her in more than two years and said if she were in a consensual, loving relationship, she would still be able to call or communicate with the family.

Following the news conference Thursday, Gehlbach was there as Joycelyn called her parents for the first time.

Family of Joycelyn Savage speak about R. Kelly

The family of Joycelyn Savage is holding a news conference where they say they hope to soon see and speak to their daughter "outside the presence" of R. Kelly:

Posted by WSB-TV on Monday, March 11, 2019