• Water restored to dozens of homes after water main break in DeKalb

    By: Richard Elliot , Sophia Choi


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - A water main break created issues for dozens of families in DeKalb County. 

    The 6-inch pipe break happened on Nancy Creek Drive in the Brookhaven area early Wednesday morning. 

    "It was pretty bad.  They had, I mean, there’s just water gushing out into the street going on the gutter," neighbor Charles Wesley told Channel 2's Richard Elliot.

    Channel 2's Sophia Choi learned that 40 homes were without water at some point this morning. The watershed said the repairs were completed shortly after 3 p.m. 

    It took the crew 45 minutes to take out an old cement pipe and replace it with a new iron one. 


    Elliot was at the scene as DeKalb County Watershed Department dumped tons of travel into the muddy holes. 

    What takes so long is digging up the hole and then filling it back in. Crews had to periodically shut down traffic to move all the gravel into position. 

    Watershed director Reggie Wells told Elliot they need to make sure the road and the sidewalk are repaired to the point that it's safe again. 

    "We’ll backfill, and then we’ll install gravel immediately to ensure the area is passable and safe," watershed director Reggie Wells told Elliot.

    Wesley said that this happens all the time on their street. In fact, he says one started leaking in his front yard New Year's Day 2016.

    He said it's all part of life living along Nancy Creek.

    "Yeah, it was a little bit inconvenient and a lot of bottled water, but you know, just deal with it," Wesley said.

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