• 'Agony' Teen describes moment he was shot after meeting woman on dating app

    By: Lauren Pozen


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Dontay Copeland is still in a lot of pain since he had to have surgery on his leg after being shot. He told Channel 2’s Lauren Pozen one thing is for sure – he has learned his lesson.

    “Agony, something that I am planning on never feeling again,” Copeland said.

    The 19-year-old said he started talking to a woman he met a woman on the dating app Plenty of Fish. 

    Sunday was their first meeting in person. 

    “She seemed cool, but not everything is as it seems,” Copeland said.

    Copeland said they first went to Food Depot in Cobb County.

    Channel 2 Action News obtained surveillance video of the two entering and leaving the store. He said they left in the woman's car.

    “We went to a Knights in Lithonia,” Copeland said.

    Once they pulled up, he said two men approached the car, one claiming to be the woman's boyfriend.

    “He walked up on me and had a gun in his pocket,” Copeland said.

    Copeland said he didn't want any trouble and walked alone across the street. He said he was followed by the men and the woman, who told him to keep walking.

    “They had me take off all my clothes down to my boxers to see if I had anything on me,” Copeland said.

    After that, he said they demanded he get in their car and drove him to a wooded area in DeKalb County.

    “They were asking me for my passwords to my phones with a gun in their hand. I gave them the password,” Copeland said.


    He said one of the men handed the woman the gun and she shot him in the leg.

    “I dropped, hit the floor to look like I was dead. Once I seen they got far enough I hopped out of that area to the closest place I hear voices,” Copeland said.

    Copeland said he is forever changed after going through this ordeal.

    “I know my lesson now not to trust everybody and stick with my family because they are the only ones that got my back,” Copeland said.

    DeKalb police said they are still investigating.

    Copeland said he was able to walk Tuesday without any help. If he continues to get better, he said he could be released by the weekend. 

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