• DeKalb County school bus driver 'sick out' expected to continue

    By: Christian Jennings , Sophia Choi


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - DeKalb County parents and administrators had to deal with another day of a shortage of bus drivers on Monday. 

    Joy Heard’s 3rd grade daughter, Camea, usually takes the bus to school but Monday her mom dropped her off, just like she did on Thursday and Friday of last week. 

    "I already know what’s going on so its no point sitting and waiting for the bus," Heard said.

    On Thursday, Camea and other DeKalb county students waited and waited at their bus stops.

    "A lot of the children were left at the bus stop on Memorial Drive basically (the) bus never showed up so we had to get up and drop the kids off," she said.


    That’s because DeKalb County bus drivers had planned a three day "sick out." Monday marks the third day.

    Hundreds of drivers staged the massive absence to push for more pay and better retirement benefits. 

    "It made everybody late for work well especially me made me late for work," she said.

    As punishment, the school district fired at least 7 bus drivers. 

    Heard says she understands why the employees called out. 

    "They deserve more pay so if this is what they have to do to get their money this is what they have to do to get their money," she said. 

    When we reached out to DeKalb County schools to ask about Monday’s plan a spokesperson responded saying quote:

    Nothing new from last week. We will continue to have sub drivers on standby if needed. Our plan is continue to do our best to deliver our students safely to their schools in an efficient manner.

    Bus drivers in DeKalb County on average make about $19 an hour. 

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