• Woman attacked by serial rapist says police need to do more to get him off streets

    By: Audrey Washington


    CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. - Just one day after Clayton County police released a new sketch of a rape suspect, we’re hearing from a woman who says the serial rapist sexually assaulted her.

    Channel 2’s Audrey Washington met the woman at Tara Bridge Apartments on Magnolia Circle in Clayton County, it's where she said she was attacked.

    "I fought," said Millicent Benson.

    Benson came forward to Channel 2 Action News because she said she wants police to do more to find the suspect. Benson declined anonymity for this report. She said the assault happened in 2018.

    “And I felt like the audacity. How dare you break into someone’s home with the intent to harm and get mad because I wouldn’t cooperate?" she asked.


    Investigators said there’s been eight assaults in the area since 2015.

    Police believe the serial rapist may have struck again. They said Sunday’s attacker has the same method of operation  as in the other attacks.

    Investigators note that even though the sketches don’t look exactly the same. They believe they’re dealing with one person.

    Benson agrees.

    “It’s the same guy, it’s the same guy," she said.

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