2 Cherokee County students arrested days after bringing guns to school, officials say

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. — Two students at River Ridge High School were arrested Monday afternoon days after officials said they brought guns and ammunition to school.

The students brought the guns to school on Friday, officials said.

Channel 2's Tom Regan learned that officials think the students were planning to do target practice after school. Officials said they don't believe the students intended to harm anyone and the guns were not loaded.

Another student alerted teachers about the guns.

The schools says the students will face "severe administrative discipline."

Regan spoke with parents at River Ridge, who said it doesn't matter that the students apparently were not planning an attack.

"I have a daughter who is in high school and she's 15 and it scares me every day," Erin Hart said. Vaughn Council also said he was shocked at the news. "Ever since school shooting became more prominent, it's something that worries me."

"It's definitely scary with everything going on in the world. It's definitely scary," Council said. "I'm not happy, that's for sure."

In a message sent to parents, school officials said the students were planning on using the guns off campus after school.


School officials wouldn't say if either student was old enough to legally possess the guns or who they belong to.

Officials say they were not aware the students had guns at school until Monday morning, and the investigation began immediately.

School officials have not released the names or ages of the students.

Regan spoke to River Riley, a student River Ridge student, about how the news affected her classmates.

"People were just really freaking out, because it was like guns in school," Riley said.