• 8-year-old accused of flipping desks, trying to stab teacher with pencil

    By: Rikki Klaus


    CHEROKEE COUNTY, Ga. - In just one day, deputies responded to two incidents at a Cherokee County charter school. That has some parents wondering what else has happened there. 

    Channel 2’s Rikki Klaus requested emergency calls at Cherokee Charter Academy over the last two years. 

    Deputies discovered there were 14 emergency calls in two years there. They ranged from assault and bullying to burglary. 

    The most concerning to parent Alyson Parker were school shooting threats. She said she had no idea. 

    Parker told Klaus that Cherokee Charter Academy, a K-8 school in Canton, is withholding that information. She said she had no idea such threats had been made.


    “I want to know if there are threats against my kids,” Parker said.

    “Is this the first you’re hearing about this?" Klaus asked Parker. 

    “Yeah. I never heard anything about it,” Parker said. 

    Cherokee County sheriff’s spokesman Jay Baker said on Oct. 26, an 8-year-old flipped her desk, broke a pencil and tried to stab her teacher. She now faces three charges.

    “Mainly, those charges were to bring her into the system, not necessarily punitive or to punish her,” Baker said. 

    That same day, investigators say a parent told them a boy had said he could be a school shooter when he grows up. 

    Parker gave Klaus an email she received five days after the fact. The principal did not share details. Parker says parents deserve to know.

    “I thought it was concerning that the principal was willing to cover it up, saying that the parents were spreading rumors and just being very vague about it,” Parker said. 

    Klaus contacted the school’s governing body, USA Charter Schools. They sent Klaus a statement, saying:

    “It is always our number one priority to provide a safe and secure environment at school. We are bound by federal law to protect the privacy of all our students. That means we can only discuss student-centered issues with that particular student’s parents. 

    “We always share any information that we believe affects other students and would never refrain from reaching out to parents if there was ever an issue that should cause them concern.”

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