Woman shot after confronting men smoking marijuana outside her door

ATLANTA — A woman says she’s afraid to go home after she was shot by a group of young men at her doorstep.

Police said a 62-year-old woman tried to chase off a group of men who were smoking marijuana last month in front of her apartment at the Royal Oaks complex on Camp Creek Parkway.

“I don’t know if they live there or not, but they were constantly harassing her and selling drugs,” the victim’s relative said.

The woman’s relatives, who did not want to be identified, said the confrontation took a violent turn when someone in the group pulled out a gun and shot the woman in the leg.

The victim’s next-door neighbor said he discovered the shocking scene.

“I said, ‘They shot you?’ She said they shot her and ran,” Darryl Cargill said.

Cargill called for help and tried to comfort the victim.

“I don’t know if they were trying to scare her or if it was an accident. I don’t know, but it was just messed up,” he said.

The woman suffered two broken bones from the shooting.


“She has to wear a stint and that’s probably going to be for the rest of her life, so it’s life changing for her,” the victim’s relative said.

The woman has not returned to her apartment because no one has been arrested in the case.

“Stop trying to prove your manhood, because that’s not a manly thing to do, shooting a 62-year-old lady. You’re not being a man,” one of the victim’s relatives said.

Neighbors said apartment staff told them security will be increased, but they’re worried the attack will be forgotten.

“It seems like nobody is doing anything about it. They’re still walking around,” Cargill said.