• Student can't afford school dues to go to prom, says school won't help

    By: Tyisha Fernandes


    ATLANTA - Carver High School has the highest poverty rate in the state of Georgia, but students who want to attend prom have to pay hundreds of dollars before they can get a ticket.

    Chassity Andrews told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes that she's a good student who plans to attend college and the only things she wants to participate in are prom and graduation.

    The Carver student said since her mother is disabled and is living on a low fixed income, she just can't afford the fees.

    “Why is it all of that money for just prom and activities and stuff?” Andrews said.

    Every high school in the Atlanta Public Schools district has senior dues for prom and other activities when students are about to graduate.

    But Andrews said the dues at Carver High School are too expensive.


    “Most places located near the school are low-income apartments, so they know where most of these kids come from, yet they still charge these prices,” Andrews said.

    APS told Fernandes the total for senior dues is $300, but Andrews and her mother say Carver school administrators added $200 more for prom.

    Andrews said she doesn’t need a school hoodie, she doesn't need a ride to graduation and she doesn't want to participate in Senior Day, all of which are included in the senior dues. She believes if she doesn't do all of that, she shouldn't have to pay all the money.

    “Let’s just say some kids aren’t as social. What’s the point of participating in Senior Week? Or maybe you just don’t want a hoodie or whatnot. So why try to racketeer all that money under senior dues?” Andrews said.

    Fernandes contacted school officials Friday, who said they have been working with this family.

    They sent her a statement that said, in part:

    “Our schools work with families experiencing financial hardship on a case-by-case basis to ensure that no student is denied the opportunity to attend and fully participate in these activities and events.”

    The prom is next week. Fernandes said several people have stepped up to help Andrews with the fees.

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