• 87-year-old woman, daughters left without place to live after tree crashes on home

    By: Steve Gehlbach


    ATLANTA - A family doesn't know when they will be able to return to its home after large oak tree split and fell on top of it. 

    Sharon Tarver and her sister Kathy were forced from their home on Evelyn Way when the tree came crashing down Tuesday morning. 

    Tree limbs crushed part of the rooms in the back of the home and damaged the roof. Tarver said she was in her bedroom when she heard the tree crack and felt the whole house shake. 


    "I immediately jumped up and took off," Tarver told Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach "I said 'Oh my god, tree's falling next to the kitchen or somewhere. We gotta get out of here." 

    Their 87-year-old mother also lives with them and is the original homeowner. She raised Tarver and her four sisters in the home.

    Their mother, who is battling cancer, was supposed to return home from the hospital. Now, she's having to stay longer since the home is unsafe to live in. 

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