• Complex threatens to not renew leases if renters don't quiet down in bedroom

    By: Michael Seiden


    ATLANTA - When it comes to noisy neighbors, a luxury apartment complex in northeast Atlanta may be home to some of the worst offenders – and it has nothing to do with loud music or dogs that like to bark.

    It's something a little more intimate.

    In a letter, management at Gables Midtown on Monroe Drive said several renters filed complaints against some of their neighbors for making too much noise in the bedroom.

    Chris Ledford told Channel 2’s Michael Seiden that he was one of several hundred tenants to receive a stunning email from his property manager who wrote, in part: 

    "We have received several complaints of residents having very loud sexual relations. By no means are we asking anyone to change their personal habits or not 'live' in their apartment. We simply are sending a letter as a request to please be aware of your surroundings and that some of your activity may be heard through walls, ceilings, and floors by your neighbors. Continued complaints may result in non-renewals of the lease agreement.


    “I think we have bigger issues here,” Ledford said. “Parking lot gate not working I would rather see addressed, then these prude police clamping down on people being too noisy while they’re doing their thing.”

    Local attorney Darren Tobin said he would be shocked if any of the offenders received an eviction notice 

    “Every tenant has the right to expect privacy in their own home. Behind closed doors, people can do what they want," Tobin said. “If you do it intentionally and regularly to interfere with everyone around you, they would have an argument, but I seriously doubt these folks are doing it too loud, too often, to interfere with everyone around them.”

    Seiden contacted the complex’s management for a comment about this story, but they referred him to its corporate office. So far, he has not heard back.

    It remains unclear how many people had complaints filed against them.

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