Man shot reality star's ex-fiancé multiple times as he walked away, witness says

ATLANTA — The gunman accused of killing a reality star's ex-fiancé shot him multiple times as the victim was walking away from an argument, according to testimony shared in court.

Michael Williams faces multiple charges in the murder of Sutton Tennyson inside his garage on Nov. 3. Tennyson is the ex-fiance of reality show star Angela Simmons, who is the daughter of Rev. Run from legendary rap group Run DMC.

Channel 2's Tom Jones has been following the case since the shooting happened and was in the courtroom for Williams' hearing Tuesday.

Atlanta police Detective Darren Smith testified that a witness told police Williams shot Tennyson.

“Either he was moving or fired into the garage when he fired a second group of shots,” Smith said in court.

Williams’ attorney said he wanted proof Tennyson was walking away, but Smith said the report is not completed yet.


The contractor who said he witnessed the shooting told police he was discussing a job with Tennyson when the gunman drove up. He said the two got into an argument over money.

The gunman fired multiple shots before he drove away in a gray BMW. Officers checked tag readers in the area and Smith said they had a hit on the car that was registered to Williams.

Smith told the court that Williams has killed before.

“He was convicted of a murder and some other weapons charges,” he said.

Williams’ attorney said his client was convicted of manslaughter, not murder. But Judge Holly Hughes said she had heard enough to move the case forward and denied Williams bond.

Williams faces a long list of charges: malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during a felony and possession by a convicted felon.