• Teen's frantic phone call reveals human trafficking operation at hotel, detective says

    By: Justin Wilfon


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The lead detective in a sex trafficking bust that led to the arrests of four people is revealing how a 15-year old escaped to call 911.

    Detective Mark Erion with the Marietta Police Department testified one of the suspected traffickers threatened to kill the victim. 

    Channel 2 Action News was the only station in the Cobb County courtroom Wednesday during the chilling testimony.

    The detective provided new insight into what happened to the teenage girl as he described her terrifying ordeal.

    “She said she worked for these people for the last three days, involving prostitution,” Erion said.

    In August, Channel 2 Action News was at a Marietta hotel where Erion said police busted the human trafficking operation.


    He testified these four defendants forced the girl to have sex with clients multiple times.

    “There were three incidents: one on Friday, one on Saturday, one on Sunday,” Erion said.

    Erion said Kenneth Thomas, 22, was the ring leader and threatened to kill the girl if she ran.

    “If she stole anything, she would be shot, and if she left and told the police, Mr. Thomas was willing to go to jail for murder,” Erion said.

    Police said the girl eventually did run on the morning of Aug. 20 and made a 911 call from a restaurant near the hotel.

    That resulted in police busting the alleged operation, and making another disturbing discovery.

    Erion testified another defendant, 22-year-old Kamari Bolden, brought her 4-year-old daughter to the scene of the crimes.

    “Kamari and her daughter stayed in room 217. That’s where other people would go and hang out, and wait until a customer came,” Erion said.

    The trial is still to come.

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