'Don't Vote' signs pop up in several Atlanta neighborhoods

ATLANTA — "Don't Vote" signs have popped up in several Atlanta neighborhoods. There have been sightings in Kirkwood, Old Fourth Ward, and midtown on the Beltline.

The signs include the phrases "2020: TRUMP, KEMP" and " We're on the right track!" Trump is spelled with a backward letter R.

"In the area that they are, with the backwards 'R' in the name of Trump and the Russian sickle, I think someone is having a little fun," said Channel 2 Action News political analyst Bill Crane.

Channel 2's Rikki Klaus contacted the "Kemp for Governor" spokesman about signs and he said, decisively, Kemp's camp did not post the signs.


Crane said the part of the sign that says "Paid for by the Republican Socialist Party of Georgia" is humorous because Republicans and Socialists hold different political beliefs.

He thinks the signs are intended for another party ahead of the gubernatorial election.

"I think it's about stoking turnout for Democrats," Crane said.

Klaus spoke with potential voters about the signs.

"I think it only exists to irk people and not actually contribute to the political conversation," Hemal Prasad said.

"It seems kind of like a joke, honestly," Alson Chiu said.

Klaus searched the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission website for the Republican Socialist Party of Georgia, but nothing came up. Crane said political action committees are required to register with the state.

"You don't get around the law, even if it is in fact a joke, if you're engaging in political speech," Crane said.

Crane said that whomever put the signs out could face a fine. The signs also include the hashtag #VoteNov6.