Rep. Doug Collins chosen to lead Trump campaign’s Georgia recount team

ATLANTA, Ga. — President Donald Trump picked one of his most loyal supporter in Congress, Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, to head up his recount team.

Channel 2 Action News got a chance to talk to Collins on Tuesday about the recount efforts in Georgia.

“We are just looking at the overall count,” Collins said. “We know this vote is close.”

Tuesday afternoon, the vote total showed Joe Biden with a more than 12,000-vote lead over Donald Trump.

Collins and other top Republicans believe there’s enough voting irregularities around the state to put thousands of votes in dispute, which could tip the total back to Trump and bring Sen. David Perdue’s total back above the 50% plus one vote threshold.

As things stand now, Perdue is in a runoff with Democrat Jon Ossoff.

“The issues like this, they just need to be adjudicated, move these things through,” Collins said. “Let’s make sure we have the answer. It’s not about sour grapes. It’s about getting it right.”

But Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s office maintains it’s found no evidence of any widespread voter fraud across Georgia.

“When you’re this close and the emotions run this high, it’s understandable,” said voting system implementation manager Gabriel Sterling in a Monday news conference.

Sterling used the news conference to debunk several conspiracy theories and voter fraud allegations bubbling up on social media and on the internet.

“Make sure the outcomes of this election are correct and trustworthy, and at the end of the day, no matter which side of the aisle you’re on, no matter which candidate you supported, you can have trust and believe in the outcome of these things,” Sterling said.

Collins is demanding a full by-hand recount of every vote in all 159 Georgia counties.